Our Road of God’s Blessings  (Part 2) 
His wife taught our Sunday School and Jr. Church. Dad began to have more serious health problems and was in the hospital two consecutive months. We discussed dad's needs and felt we were not qualified to care for dad with these kinds of health problems so on March 2, 1994, we moved him and mom to Valley Inn which is a care center near the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park. It is locally owned by the people of the town of Mancos, Colorado and many of the local families have their parents in the center. They gave my parents very good care and I had services there in the chapel. Mom went home to Glory June 7th, 1996 and Dad departed for heaven January 1st, 2000. Thus, the Lord led David and his family to minister as an associate in another church here in Colorado. Moving Closer to the Microphone I was able to turn Nuuciu Bible Baptist Church over to a Native American pastor in 2003 and since Verna's health problems were increasing, I began to devote more time to meeting her needs. This also enabled me to give more time to our "Bread Of Life Broadcast" which I have had for 33 years. The broadcast is over four 100,000 watt short wave curtain antennas reaching Asia, Africa, Australia, and many islands. Heaven Blessed Recycling   We mail out free New Testaments, Bible correspondence courses, gospel tracts, and Christian literature. The literature may be outdated but people
overseas are so hungry for the truth that they are delighted to get any good literature. One man who was speaking in a school wrote me that while he was passing out gospel tracts to the students, he ran out of the tracts we had sent him and the children began climbing over each other trying to get the tracts. A man from Korea wrote me requesting another New Testament because he had torn the old one apart to give some of it to those who did not have a New Testament. We have heard from some of those who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior from listening to the broadcast and also through the materials we mail to them. We very much appreciate any Christian literature that is collected and sent to us to mail overseas. Even old Bibles, New Testaments, and even used Christian literature will be well received by those who ask for the materials. Please send to: Bob Griggs Ministries P.O. Box 825 Ignacio, CO. 81137 Please continue to remember Verna and me in prayer. October 2008 MRI revealed Verna has several broken vertebra due to Osteoporosis. She is confined to bed much of the time.  Your faithful prayers are what has enabled us to continue to spread the gospel.
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