© Copyright 2009-11-12 Bob Griggs Ministries. oo 8.18 970.759.5359 cell These children have been living on the streets in India. Christian people have taken them into their homes so they would not have to eat garbage to survive. Most of the orphanages have from 25 to 48 children and are needing help to provide good food and clothes. Pine River Valley Baptist Church set up an orphanage fund for us so any funds that come designated for orphans are placed in that fund. Twice a year Bob Griggs Ministries sends support by Western Union to each of the orphanages we assist. Sister McCaw takes care of sending out the funds from the orphanage fund account as a ministry for the Lord! We always send out an email before sending the funds to verify that we have the correct information so we can notify them when the funds are sent. Through your faithful support you continue to make this ministry possible. Contact and support details (click on image to enlarge)