bvgriggs @ 970.759.5359 cel      When we came to Ignacio, Colorado to take over Nuuciu Bible Baptist Church which was still a mission, I discovered that they owed over $30,000.00 on the church property.  I had lost over $700.00 in one month when we were approved to work with the Native Americans thus I did not have any funds to place on the monthly payments.  We were starting with only two people because the work had declined so I started praying and seeking the Lord for help with the financial needs.  I started teaching the people about tithing and giving above the tithe.  I also taught them about Faith Promise Giving which we had learned back in the early 50's and practiced.       We also began to take on support of some missionaries. I had sent in a request to the Fellowship for a loan to pay off the debt on the property.  However, Our Lord began to undertake and stir the hearts of the people to give. We began to be able to meet each payment and as the work grew and the people gave we began to make double payments.  I contacted the Fellowship office and had them cancel the request for a loan since the people were paying off the debt by their tithes and offerings.  One family gave an offering of over $5,000.00 and thus the Lord enabled the mission to pay off the debt without outside help other then our being here to lead them. PRAISE THE LORD! When we obey His word, He does exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think! (Ephesians 3:20)      I had brought a van to the field when we first came and so I started going to the Tribal Drug and Alcoholics Rehabilitation Center to pick up anyone who wanted to go to church on Sundays.  I would pick up both on Sunday morning and Sunday night when allowed to do so.  We had the joy of seeing a number of Native Americans from different tribes saved and baptized.  I remember one time I baptized 6 men from the center who had received the Lord as their Savior.  One of them was a Medicine Man's son.  It was a joy to see these precious people open their hearts to the Lord.      (Note:)  One of the lies that is taught to the Native Americans is that the Great Spirit is the same as the Holy Spirit!  However, that is contrary to the Scriptures.  The Holy Spirit magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ (John 15:26) but the Great Spirit does not.  There are many ways that Satan uses to confuse and blind people to the Truth.  Satan does not mind people having religion if it is not the Truth!  He is a master deceiver (Revelation 12:9) and will use any means to keep people from the truth. The Medicine Man’s Son.... Do you know where Ignacio is? Tell ‘em it’s about 15 miles south-east of FLORIDA!!.... Florida, Colorado, that is. Ignacio is in the south-west corner of Colorado.