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  #01 Salvation - Hawaii - 2-up   ...Wednesday night she returned to our service with her head covered with bandages... #02 Salvation - Africa - 2-up   ...the letter was read in a service and that 80 people had received the Lord Jesus Christ... in that one service. #03 Protection - Colorado   ... after the tornado was amazing as I saw straw sticking through telephone poles, a store... #04 Truth Hungry - Korea   ... A man from Korea wrote me requesting another New Testament because he had torn the old one apart to give some of it to those who did not have a New Testament. #05 Truth Hungry - School   ... One man who was speaking in a school and passing out tracts... he ran out of the tracts we had sent him and the children were climbing over each other trying to get the tracts. .
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Soul Snippet Library
Soul Snippets are typically short downloadable text pieces to use in your local ministries. They become a ‘today’s news’ of God working His wonders around the world and in your neighborhood too. These copyrighted resources may be stored, translated, duplicated, and distributed without charge or change. The “2-up” snippets are complete and downloaded in their own PDF file that are laid out to cut in half and make bulletin inserts or take-homes.
#40 Nation Puzzle PDF            Mission Radio ministries can’t function and grow without letters from listeners. The puzzle contains just SOME of the countries Bob Griggs ... #41 Startin’ Agin Poem Puzzle PDF        Two puzzles in one. #42  Steak for the Soul Puzzle PDF        Two puzzles in one around Psalm 34