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Grow spiritual muscles in God’s precious Word, at your own pace and place. Your course has already been paid for, and just waiting for a letter or postcard containing your name and address CLEARLY printed. You will be sent a packet with the first 3 lessons, some tracts, and a New Testament for you to keep and study from.  The packet will tell where to mail each lesson answer sheet for it to be graded. (Postage for the answer sheet is provided by the student.)
Powerfully simple totally free downloadable Bible/maps/dictionaries/ commentaries system.
A free multilanguage multiversion Bible research tool that also features online feedback.    Click on image.
While these resources are primarily provided to overseas nations, they are available to all who’ll use them as the Lord leads. Mail a letter or postcard with your name & address CLEARLY printed requesting to enroll in the Bible course to:
Bread of Life Broadcasts P.O. Box 1214 Leander, TX. USA 78646-1214
               Course One        A Country Called Heaven Book 1 1. A Country Called Heaven Book 2 2. What is God Like?          3. The Way of Victory Book 3 4. The Word of God 5. When Jesus Comes Book 4 6. Salvation and Rewards 7. 4 Things God Wants You to Know Book 5 8. My Great Savior 9. A New Family! Book 6 10. A New Person! in Christ 11. Christ is My Righteousness Book 7 12. Christ Lives in Me! 13. I Am a Son of God Book 8 14. Victory Over Circumstances 15. How to Enjoy God          A Certificate Will Be Awarded.
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