f 8.12                                                         © Copyright 2010-11 Bob Griggs Ministries                 bbfibobgriggs.com  Note:  This page is not recommending that you purchase any equipment, tools, nor are we soliciting for such funds. Our suggestions on this page are merely to be mindful of our responsibility to use those things God has given us, in ways that honor His name in response to His Great Commission to us. Also, it’s important that we use tact and courtesy in how and where we share. Most often, when you and I see something exciting going on that really is so in tune with God's Great Commission to reach out to others, we want to join in; we want to be a part. Bread of Life Broadcasts have been a backbone ministry of Bob and Verna Griggs for longer than many of us have been alive. Why? Because God sees it as a powerful effective tool for reaching the lost and teaching Christians His unmatched love, peace, and purpose. On a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, four powerful radio transmitters are switched on as they begin launching the Bread of Life messages as short wave radio signals across Asia. Those signals become a lighthouse beacon of Heaven's joy deep into the African jungle where souls are to be reaped for the Master. Those broadcasts that always begin with the music reminder He's coming soon, reach out across the great expanse of the Australian outback with truths that make each of us know of God's Best for us. A church in Virginia, USA said, “We wanna help!  What can we do?!” Their own response was to begin  broadcasting (actually rebroadcasting) the Bread of Life Messages twice each Sunday. The Broadcast Friends segment of Bob Griggs Ministries focuses on how you and I can make the Bread of Life broadcasts a part of 2nd Timothy 2:2. We want to 'pass- it-on'; those simple but power messages that Dr. Griggs passes from his heart's burden and Bible to us. God has given us the gift of technology and expects us to be good stewards of it, as we do our tithes and offerings to His servants. So often we ask ourselves how we can further help Bob and Verna with their ongoing health challenges. How can we bring joy to their day? One answer might be to participate in the Broadcast Friends concepts. Here are more examples: A broadcast tower stretches 193 feet into the east African skies. It rebroadcasts Bread of Life messages across Uganda and deep into the Congo. Some of which is translated into other languages. In Florida, USA, a very small radio station comes to life with the messages of hope and responsibility due our heavenly Creator. The audience is a nearby community of Native Americans that Jesus shed His Precious Blood to save. You say, “But I have no tower. I don't have any transmitter or even a hint of how to use one. What can I do? My heart keeps calling me to help in some way! But what and how?!” Close your eyes, if it's safe to do so. Visualize a small African village with no electricity, and often a severe shortage of water, but an abundance of people. A young man seats himself near the middle of a group of people all crammed into the afternoon shade of a tree. We'll call the young man “James.” The people all know what to expect and all becomes deadly quiet except for the distant bark of a dog.  The young man switches on the solar powered radio. Smiles appear on all the faces of the listeners as they hear the precious radio welcome of “He's Coming Soon”. Like a banquet to hungry souls, James has done what he could as a Broadcast Friend and in obedience to 2nd Timothy 2:2, to 'pass-it-on'. Do you carpool with others? Can you make a CD of messages and play them on your car radio? It's a wonderful answer to traffic gridlock and discourteous drivers. Maybe your local radio station would welcome your question including Bread of Life rebroadcasts in your area. I'm anxious to have a friend that has one of those fancy new smart cellphones play a message while we're in our local fast food restaurant. It's important that we use tact and courtesy in how this is done. 970.759.5359 cell see note below