======== MISCELLANEOUS ======== NUGGETS IN NUMBERS Numbers ch 1  Ans   ]==[   Numbers ch 2  Ans Numbers ch 26  Ans BREAD OF LIFE NATIONS Nations1  Ans.   ]=[    Nations2  Ans. ANIMALS Animals1  Ans.   ]=[   Amimals2  Ans. Animals3  Ans.   ]=[   Amimals4  Ans. COMPUTERS Computers1  Ans.   ]=[   Computers2   Ans. TRUCKS Trucks1  Ans.  ]=[   Trucks2   Ans. ====== These free downloadable Bible-based word search puzzles are for your enjoyment and growth. So often, our lives seem to have so many questions with missing Ans.s - like our puzzle key words. And the purpose; the direction for our lives is like a jumble of letters, leaving us no certain direction to go. But God's precious word always brings clarity, direction, and peace to our hearts, and those we minister to. Files are in printable PDF format ready to (optionally) print both sides for bulletin inserts, take-homes, and many other uses to spread God's Word. Ans.s are in graphic png files. Share with a neighbor or nursing home resident, VBS, classmate at school, or when you munch your lunch. The printed puzzles fit in a letter or get-well card too. They can even be added to your website or blog. imis    2.28              © 2012-13  Work.Space Programming                                          bobgriggsmin.info/dia/m Please report errors to grampscurtis @ gmail.com