========== Pack 84 w/o ans ========== Joshua    1:  1-13  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    1:14-  7  Ans. Joshua    2:  8-20  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    2:21-  9  Ans. Joshua    3:10-  4  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    4:  5-17  Ans. Joshua    4:18-  5  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    5:  6-  2  Ans. Joshua    6:  3-14  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    6:15-25  Ans. ========== Pack 85 w/o ans ========== Joshua    6:26-10  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    7:11-21  Ans. Joshua    7:22-  7  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    8:  8-19  Ans. Joshua    8:20-32  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    8:33-  9  Ans. Joshua    9:10-23  Ans. ]=[ Joshua    9:24-  7  Ans. Joshua  10:  8-21  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  10:22-32  Ans. ========== Pack 86 w/o ans ========== Joshua  10:33-  2  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  11:  3-15  Ans. Joshua  11:16-  4  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  12:  5-  1  Ans. Joshua  13:  2-15  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  13:16-31  Ans. Joshua  13:32-11  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  14:12-  8  Ans. Joshua  15:  9-25  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  15:26-61  Ans. These free downloadable Bible-based word search puzzles are for your enjoyment and growth. So often, our lives seem to have so many questions with missing Ans.s - like our puzzle key words. And the purpose; the direction for our lives is like a jumble of letters, leaving us no certain direction to go. But God's precious word always brings clarity, direction, and peace to our hearts, and those we minister to. Files are in printable PDF format ready to (optionally) print both sides for bulletin inserts, take-homes, and many other uses to spread God's Word. Ans.s are in graphic png files. Share with a neighbor or nursing home resident, VBS, classmate at school, or when you munch your lunch. The printed puzzles fit in a letter or get-well card too. They can even be added to your website or blog. ijs    5.4              © 2013  Work.Space Programming                                          bobgriggsmin.info/dia/1 Please report errors to grampscurtis @ gmail.com Black Text is not Clickable Don’t Look At The Answer Screens! If you get stuck, ask a friend to help! Get them into the scriptures too!! ========== Pack 87 w/o ans ========== Joshua  15:62-  2  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  17:  3-14  Ans. Joshua  17:15-  7  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  18:  8-18  Ans. Joshua  18:19-11  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  19:12-32  Ans. Joshua  19:33-  1  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  20:  2-  3  Ans. Joshua  21:  4-20  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  21:21-40  Ans. ========== Pack 88 w/o ans ========== Joshua  21:41-  8  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  22:  9-18  Ans. Joshua  22:19-29  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  22:30-  7  Ans. Joshua  23:  8-  3  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  24:  4-16  Ans. Joshua  24:17-25  Ans. ]=[ Joshua  24:26-33  Ans. ========== End of Joshua ========== Our view of life is often like a puzzle, like the jumble of letters in these search duo-puzzles. We can't see any picture, or a path, or even a START HERE, where we can take our first step. There seems to be no THIS WAY UP, or THIS WAY OUT. And sometimes we make a decision too fast and make the whole puzzle of life even worse. I've done that, you've done that. The puzzle becomes painful more each day, when we see others watching us, looking for us to lead them ... When others try to give us advice, there seems to be gaps in that advice, that keeps us from having any confidence or comfort down deep in our hearts. That advice of others is like the word list.that has gaps that have to be filled in to grow and be good leaders to others. Before you even look at the puzzle, read the page of scripture slowly during some quiet moments. Puzzle Partnering You’ve been wanting to share your faith in Jesus Christ and His Salvation message with someone close by. But you’re not sure of a good way to begin. That person may be a fellow traveler, a family member, a person you work, study, or just hang out with. In the middle of one of your puzzles, tell that person, “I could sure use your help finding this word... have ya got a second?” Become partners in finishing the puzzle as you both read the scripture to complete the word and then find it in the letter maze. More puzzles are at:             HeavensDiamonds.blogspot.com.