Bob and Verna Griggs Mailing Ministry
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The Mailing ministry is so much more than boxing things up and applying postage. A better description would be something like Recycling that Rescues. Even more than that, is the boatload of opportunities it provides all of us. Here we’ll likely find our God-called niche to be an ongoing part of this precious segment of our Great Commission. We all appreciate the importance of recycling... but what a thrill it’d be to learn that some boy or girl, or their parents learned to read and read the precious salvation promises from a book you sent them out of your abundance. Email us with your interest, or resources that honor God.    bvgriggs @
We presently have 10,000 tracts ready to be stamped and numerous packets to be mailed. There’s much to do!
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Donated materials can be sent to     Bob Griggs  PO Box 1214  Leander, TX  78646-1214
Let us know how you’d like to get involved !!