Comfort of the Scriptures is a non-profit ministry training the Lord’s followers to print small portions of scripture, at little or no cost, to share and spiritually strengthen those around us.   Download Tips 1.First, realize these files don’t produce some cute little booklets that others might think are neat. If you download any of these scripture files, it should be done with all the respect and reverence due it. Consider all the suffering and sacrifice that went into providing the freedom and technology to be able to provide this life-changing text for each of us to share with others. 2. Know these files are provided as-is, and will hold the owner of this website blameless for any harm, in any form for their use. 3. These files are not to be sold, traded, changed, or included in any other resource that is. 4. A suggested starting point, is to create one or two folders on a hard drive or jump drive. 5. With the RIGHT mouse button, click on the desired ifle. 6. LEFT click the mouse button on the SAVE LINK AS... menu choice. 7. Enter the folder location you created previously. Print as needed. © 2012 Bob Griggs Ministries                7.16