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Bob    birthday Oct 1st  born-again Sept 1941 appr’d BBFI mission’y May 1961   Doctorate Degree, hon. Verna   birthday Jun 26th   born-again May 1955  Anniversary  Aug 1, 1954   Bob’s father pastored for 55 years       
David - Texas Director Bob - Texas         Broadcaster Verna - Texas             Editor Rebecca - Texas             Distance Learning Bob - Texas Foreign Correspondent Rev. Courtney - Texas Shipping Jim - Kentucky                     Webmaster, PnP Coord. Neuburger’s Distance Learning Feedback Victory Baptist Ch. - Texas Staging Area  Pastor Rick Brann Radio Mailing ... plus many others with a bone-deep       burden for missions just like you.
bvgriggs @ 970.759.5359 cel Field Address: P.O. Box 8233 Round Rock, TX  78683-8233 Home Address: P.O. Box 191 Springfield, Missouri 65801-0191 Sending Church:  Bethel Baptist Church San Angelo, TX