The following are PDF files. WIT/index   5/25                                           © 2011-18 Bob Griggs Ministries                                       Folding “Tri-fold” format means you make two creases to create 3 panels. This is the preferred shape when you want to stuff something in an envelope or a shirt pocket. We’re here to help. Make sure your printer setting is on “print ACTUAL size”. 1. place stack of sheets FACE DOWN on a flat clean surface. 2. take the short edge at the “A” corner and align it with the “B” line and carefully crease. 3. move the remaining short edge inward approximately to the first crease. 4. Crease this second fold. And confirm all the printing is between the creases, as shown above. 5. Pray that God will use your efforts here, for His glory.            LOST                                        BELIEVERS 438 Out of this World City             441 The Lamb 439 What is Love?                          444 The Flesh 445 Are You Sure??                         440  Strongholds                                   HOLIDAYS                             442  Christmas                             443  Why A Stable ?